When you enter the menopause, you say goodbye to the fruitful phase of your life. Men remain fertile to old age, but this does not apply to women.

The woman therefore have another phase after the fertile phase, that is the period in which the woman no longer has to pass on life, in this period you no longer have to be fertile.

In order to make the transition from one period to the other, your body and mind have a lot of work to do, because this menopause period is not just anything, but costs the body  a lot of energy.

The transition is also called menopause. During this period, the egg cells of the woman get lost and the ovaries no longer make new eggs. This leads to the woman becoming infertile.

Five to ten years before your last menstruation becomes a fact, you often start ovulating and sometimes also skip some menstrual periods, sometimes you even get ovules where several eggs mature at the same time. Research has shown that nature from the age of about 37 or 38 years, oocytes disappear at an accelerated rate. In short, the fixed and usually monthly pattern that your hormones are used to during the fertile phase, starts to change for years before your last menstruation becomes a fact. The production of estrogen and progesterone by the ovaries loses the old pattern and will eventually decrease to such an extent that your menstruation stops once and for all.

For few women, the menopause remains unnoticed. This transition does not go without a struggle. More often it goes up with peaks and troughs with your hormones and it gives a variety of physical and mental symptoms and sometimes even menopausal symptoms. In the initial phase of the transition, the estrogen content may even increase. Estrogen often only decreases shortly before your actual transition. In general you can say that the menopause is not a pleasant time for any woman.

The menopause also means having extra emotions, you are more upset if that something happens that can affect you. If you get words with someone you will notice that you can start crying more quickly or you will block. That’s all because of the changes in your hormone system.

When you see a movie and something hapens that you would not respond to normally , it may be that you start to cry just like this or that you are completely upset. This can also happen when you read a book. It is just like being on your days against your period.

You are quickly angry and you cry a lot or you will block yourself completely to the impressions because you can not handle it at that moment. There is not much to do about this, the doctor can prescribe something. Discuss the concerns you have about the menopause with your doctor in case you think you can not cope with it anymore.

Am I in the menopause?
If you want to know if you are in the transition or if you are almost in the menopause phase, then do our menopause test so that you can see to what extent you are already in the transition.