Hormone therapy when in menopause

Hot flashes, nocturnal sweat attacks and bad sleep. It all belongs to the many complaints of the menopause. Sometimes hormone therapy offers the solution. But how does hormone therapy work when you are in menopause?

Hormone therapy how and what?
Hormone therapy has many similarities with the contraceptive pill. The pill contains the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. The estrogen reduces the symptoms, the progesterone ensures that the uterine lining does not grow. The hormone pills that are available for this are packaged in strips for 28 days, if you do not use a stop week you continue with the next strip. This therapy is also available in plaster form instead of pills.
The cure works best if it is used until the end of the menopause. The hormone balance is then somewhat stable and can then provide constant positive results. Hot flashes should decrease and the mood should improve.

The risks
Unfortunately, there are a lot of risks associated with this therapy. This pill comes with side effects and other unwanted complaints.

To suffer from breakthrough bleeding, fluid retention, breast tenderness, headache
and nausea.
There is a greater risk of breast cancer, the longer you use the product, the greater the chance.
There is more chance of a heart attack or stroke.
The risk of thrombosis is increasing.

There are also benefits associated with this hormone therapy. Namely that after at least 5 years of hormone therapy you have less chance of bowel cancer, bone fractures and osteoporosis. But all this is a meager consolation when you look at the increased risk of breast cancer.

Hormone therapy, yes or no?
The therapy thus has actual results. Only it is up to you whether you want to accept the risks associated with this product. It will not be an easy choice, and you will have to consider whether it will be suitable for you. Before starting this therapy, it is advisable to first consult the pharmacy or general practitioner. This way you know better where you stand.

Are you in the menopause?
If you want to know if you are in the transition or if you are almost in the menopause phase, then do our menopause test so that you can see to what extent you are already in the menopause.