Menstruation during menopause

Women react very differently it also depends on the age. For some woman menopause starts around 40/45 years and with other woman around the age of 50 signs of the menopause start.

The hormones are flying through your body, everything becomes different. You are distracted faster and you have little energy.

Menstruation can not occur when you start the menopause. It can become irregular, with weeks or months in between. It can also become very intense, like as in puberty.

When you are in menopause, you have a chance to be tired all day and have no energy. That is because your body is so busy with the changes in your hormone system, the menstruation changed and you sleep badly and the hot flashes require a lot of adjustments. Always very warm and then normal or cold.

Menopause also means emotions, you are more upset when something happens to you. If you get words with someone you will notice that you start crying more quickly or you block completely. That’s all because of the changes in your hormone system.
When you see a movie and something emotional happens, you would not normally respond to, it may be that you start to cry or that you are completely upset. This can also happen when you read a book. It is just like being on your days before your period.

You are easily angry and you cry a lot or you close yourself completely to the impressions because you can not handle it at that moment. There is not much to do here either, the doctor can prescribe certain medications, only you become somewhat flatter in terms of emotions.

Until then, there are other options for contraception than just the pill, options with and without hormones. Examples of contraception without hormones are, for example, condoms, a pessary, a copper spiral or a method with only progestogen such as a mini-pill, hormone spiral or an implant rod.

When you decide to stop taking the pill you may suffer from menopausal symptoms.

By stopping the pill, women mainly notice their change, the change in their body the most. Menopause complaints can therefore be present in all power after stopping the pill. You react with your own body without the addition of the pill, so you react from the low hormone level in your body. Once you have stopped taking the pill, your body can begin to adjust and adapt to the changes in your hormone balance. We call this phase the post menopause.

You could go to the doctor and use the pill again, which slows down the progress, you stay in the transition, but it can be a little easier. The decision to use something for the transition on a doctor’s prescription is entirely personal.

Are you in the menopause?
If you want to know if you are in the transition or if you are almost in the menopause phase, then do our menopause test so that you can see to what extent you are already in the menopause.