Tips for the Menopause

Every woman gets to experience it at some point in her life, the transition.

In the menopause, the female body changes in several areas. If you reach the transition, you will no longer be able to have children and you will no longer have any periods. All the terrible things that come with the transition? Not every woman has as much trouble with the transition as the other. Yet the transition can be a terrible obstacle. Of course there are remedies and tricks to minimize the burden of the transition. But letting it really disappear can only be done with patience and time.

Tips during the transition
Of course there are many tips, one very effective and the other a bit less. This will be different for everyone. During the menopause you will have to look for the tips that work best for you. After all, effectiveness can also be somewhat between the ears.

  • food
    Your diet can play a big role in how you feel. Additional vitamins can help as well as reducing coffee and alcohol.
  • Evening walk
    An evening walk can help you clear your head and get a good night’s sleep preserve.
  • To talk
    Talking about the transition can sometimes help a lot. After all, it is not nothing. That whole
    hormone change. Find a trusted person or a good friend and talk about what you all experience in the transition.
  • Yoga
    Yoga can sometimes be relaxing during the transition. You then set your thinking to “zero” and relax. This also benefits your night’s rest.

The complaints prior to the transition are often the most annoying. Hot flashes, mood swings, irregular periods etc. During the menopause it is important that you find your balance in this. Not only in the events but also that you give the transition a place.

The best ways to deal with the menopause you have to try for yourself. Not everything works the same for everyone. The transition will eventually pass automatically, but needs time. You will eventually have to accept the menopause and try to live with it. Yet the transition is not a small thing that happens to your body. It is a sudden change in your hormone system. If it helps you, you can always contact your doctor or counselor. They can help you further and perhaps reassure you.

Medication and talk sessions
During the transition you can try different things. For example, there are various medications on the market that can support you during the menopause, in addition there are several talk sessions throughout the country for women who are in the transition. Perhaps this can offer you a solution, only this is something you need to find your own way. For everyone it works differently, one benefits from a quiet evening before bedtime and the other again with painkillers. In this you must find your own way during the menopause. So you that you can get through well. If there are any questions, you can always consult your doctor, who can refer you or prescribe a medication.

Am I in the menopause?
If you want to know if you are in the transition or if you are almost in the menopause phase, then do our menopause test so that you can see to what extent you are already in the transition.